About Us:
St. Vincent Elementary is a small community school dedicated to develop the spiritual lives of its children. It is the oldest Roman Catholic school in Akron. Annual school enrollment is about 240 students from pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade. We welcome families from all religious and racial backgrounds. Our purpose is to create a Christian atmosphere in which the children internalize their true purpose in life and come to an understanding of the traditions of the Roman Catholic faith. In the cognitive and affective domains, we stimulate and challenge each student to achieve academic growth commensurate with his/her God-given abilities. We also provide the means for his/her physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being in. Our dedication to academic excellence and Christian principles has made St. Vincent Elementary an outstanding school which has been educating children since 1853.

Saint Vincent School has had and continues to have tremendous value for the Akron community. Situated in an inner-city area the school has maintained a cosmopolitan composition. Here children from all faiths, social, ethnic and economic strata live and work together in a loving and supportive atmosphere. The dedicated staff and its auxiliary personnel are enriched by the generous services and support of parents. One of the outstanding qualities of the people of Saint Vincent is their friendliness and concern for one another. During the past school year more than 100 parents have given time and talent for the benefit of Saint Vincent School.

The student body at present is 248. The school includes a half-day pre-kindergarten and continues through the eighth grade. The staff works diligently to meet the individual needs of the students. The small classroom size allows each student to receive much individual attention. Also, the religion program is one of the schoolís most outstanding features. Classroom instruction is greatly enhanced by academic tutors who give daily assistance to children.

Other fine features of our location are easy access to the main branch of the Akron Public Library, to the Akron Art Institute and to the University of Akron. The most valuable ingredient in any school is its students. Saint Vincent School is proud of its graduates and of the many contributions its alumni have made to the city of Akron.

Type: PK-8
17 S. Maple St.
Akron, OH 44303
(330) 762-5912

Principal: Maria Meeker
Date of Open House: 1/25/2015