A Tradition of Excellence in Catholic Education

St. Hilary School, through the collaboration of parents, staff and students, strives to create a Christian educational community where a quality education is offered. We work to foster an atmosphere enriched by Gospel values and Catholic Christian beliefs. Our school is characterized by a learning environment in which the students can grow with the acquisition of knowledge and understanding in all academic areas including critical thinking, problem solving skills, a spirit of inquiry and the utilization of technology.

The purpose of St. Hilary School is to create a Christian educational community where a quality Catholic education is offered in an atmosphere enriched by Christian values and beliefs, sound and realistic discipline, and the dedication and concern of a qualified staff.

We have set our goals and organized our total curriculum to achieve this purpose. Underlying all our efforts to attain these goals is the belief that each of our students is a unique child of God. Our endeavor is to help them realize their God-given potential to its fullest. Only by working together-teachers, students and parents-can those goals be reached.

-To develop our students’ understanding of and loyalty to the teachings and heritage of the Roman Catholic faith, help them to acquire Catholic moral and spiritual values, and provide them with opportunities for prayer and worship.

-To foster our students’ understanding of human knowledge and culture in this technologically advanced world, encourage their powers to reason independently, solve problems, be creative and to accept responsibility for self-evaluation and continued self instruction.

-To help our students acquire a sense of respect and responsibility for themselves, their home, church, school, community and country.


From Our Students…

“I like going to St. Hilary School because there are awesome teachers. There are also cool especials’ classes. My school is also fun to go to because you learn a lot of things. I love St. Hilary!”
Third Grade Student

“Going to St. Hilary is great because I get to learn many things I wouldn’t get to learn at other schools. The teachers are really nice and I love to see my friends every day. Learning is fun at St. Hilary.”
Fourth Grade Student

“I like attending St. Hilary School for many reasons. It is always nice coming into our classes and seeing our friends and wonderful teachers. The teachers at St. Hilary are kind, wise, caring, and good role models. The academics are great. Students feel safe and secure at St. Hilary School.”
Sixth Grade Student

“St. Hilary School is simply amazing. The classes offer much more than the average learning experience. The teachers here make school a fun place to learn, and really go out of their way to help us. We have advanced math classes for students who are eager to learn more than the basics. Extracurricular activities are offered to help students make the most of their elementary experience. St. Hilary is outstanding and I am truly grateful to attend school here.”
Seventh Grade Student

“I’ve gone to St. Hilary School since kindergarten, and I’m glad I attend this school. St. Hilary gives me classes that let me learn beyond the basic expectations, and also gives me plenty of opportunities to have fun with my friends. The academics are outstanding, and I know I’ve benefited from the rigorous curriculum. St. Hilary is the kind of school where kids don’t just learn facts – we learn about life. Our religion and literature classes are particularly interesting because of the thoughtful discussions we have there. St. Hilary is a great school.”
Eighth Grade Student

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Type: K-8
645 Moorfield Rd
Fairlawn, OH 44333
(330) 867-8720

Principal: Tracey Arnone
Date of Open House: 1/25/2015