Welcome to St. Francis de Sales Parish and School!
St. Francis de Sales opened its doors to the children of the Portage Lakes Area in September of 1950. The school has grown from 4 classrooms with 174 students to its present 18 classrooms. St. Francis de Sales School serves the surrounding communities of Coventry, Green, and Manchester.

Our Mission:
To form within the school a truly Catholic community founded in prayer and an openness to the Spirit of Jesus. It is the school’s mission to enhance the Catholic faith life of each child in all phases of education and to develop gifts to serve others and glorify God.

About Us:
In today’s world, the value of an education of excellence is more important than ever.

For more than half a century Saint Francis de Sales School has earned a reputation of excellence by providing an outstanding education to students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Renowned for engaging faculty, visionary leadership, and devoted support staff, Saint Francis de Sales School is respected for its academics, co-curricular programs, and commitment to the high ideals of a Catholic education. It is an education that inspires students to Learn, Believe, and Soar.

Experienced faculty at Saint Francis de Sales School instill a knowledge, values, imagination, belief, and understanding in students. This academic philosophy is reflected in the school’s respect for individual learning styles and abilities. Teachers work with each child at their current level and challenge them to achieve their best.

It is upon this foundation that we inspire to provide students the strength and conviction to live faithful and meaningful lives. Through insightful religious studies at each grade level, weekly Mass, sacramental opportunities, and Christian service projects, students learn both knowledge and values.

This special approach to education minds and hearts distinguishes Saint Francis de Sales School as a trusted and beloved institution – a place where children can truly Learn, Believe and Soar in a secure, nurturing, and enlightening environment.

Type: PK-8
4009 Manchester Rd
Akron, OH 44319
(330) 644-0638

Principal: Sharon Parrish
Date of Open House: 1/29/2015