St. Clare School is a Christ-centered community, which supports our students in their witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ, promotes excellence in academics, and encourages involvement in our community.

St. Clare School provides a safe, caring, spiritually and academically nurturing environment for all our students and families.  We strive to communicate with all parents so that their child can develop their talents to fully foster their educational and spiritual growth potential.

The St. Clare School staff collaborates with parents and daily strives to challenge, enrich, motivate, and guide our students to achieve the highest standards within all areas of the curriculum.  The St. Clare School academic program continuously addresses the needs of its students by providing a balanced approach to curriculum and extra-curricular activities.  Standardized assessments measure the competency level of all students on a yearly basis at their respective grade levels for grades one to eight.

Our students consistently score a grade level or above in these standardized assessments, because we adapt our curriculum and instruction to challenge our students to attain maximum competency in all subject areas.  Our Eighth grade graduates are regularly accepted into their first choice Catholic high schools.  Our faculty, parents, and students form a partnership for success that makes St. Clare School a great place to grow!

Type: PK-8
5655 Mayfield Rd.
Lyndhurst, OH 44124

Principal: Frank Przybojewski
Date of Open House: 1/25/2015