Welcome to St. Agatha-St. Aloysius School!St. Agatha-St. Aloysius School combines academic excellence with moral & spiritual guidance. We integrate Catholic faith and family values into daily instruction. From the very beginning of a child’s education, he or she learns social responsibility and respect for the diversity of humankind. Children of all religions, cultures, races, and economic backgrounds are welcome.

The mission of St. Agatha n St. Aloysius School is to provide a student-centered education, rooted in Christian values, that fosters academic excellence. We Care. We Serve. We Teach!

Our Tradition:
St. Agatha-St. Aloysius School is located in what is called “the Glenville area,” and has a student-family poverty level of 87%. Our current school population is 100% African-American Heritage in grades kindergarten through eight. In order to minister and teach effectively to the students today, there have been on-going efforts and programs initiated by the parish and the staff to correlate and integrate the Catholic-Christian identity of St. Agatha-St. Aloysius School with the cultural identity and needs of the students and their families.

As visitors enter St. Agatha-St. Aloysius School today, they will witness the warmth, friendliness, and diligence of the students and staff. The spirit and tradition of St. Agatha-St. Aloysius School has been shaped by the dedication, hard-work, creativity, and insight of professional and spiritually-rooted pastors, principals, teachers, and staff-members.

Type: K-8
640 Lakeview Rd
Cleveland, OH 44108
(216) 451-2050

Principal: Sr. Sandra Sabo, SSJ-TOSF
Date of Open House: 1/25/2015