Mission Statement
Sharing in the mission of Jesus, Metro Catholic School provides a safe environment where academic excellence through differentiated education is a distinct characteristic. Metro Catholic also strives to lead children and their families to a closer relationship with God and with each family’s.

We, the members of Metro Catholic School, believe that every child is a unique creation of God, our loving Father, is redeemed through Jesus, is filled with the Holy Spirit and has an eternal destiny. We are committed to each child’s total education: in spirit, in body, in mind, in morals and values, in emotions, in social interactions. We believe that by proclaiming, celebrating, and living the message of Jesus, we can lead each child to a deeper sense of self-acceptance, and acceptance of God and others. At Metro Catholic School we aim to integrate religious truths and values with the rest of life so that our children develop a sense of commitment to parish community, peace and justice, and respect for life in a distinct and obviously Catholic way.

Type: PK-8
1910 West 54th St.
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 281-4044

Principal: Sr. Anne Maline – Director