The Mission of Holy Name School

The faculty and staff of Holy Name Elementary School, in partnership with students, parents, guardians, and the parish community, are committed to providing educational opportunities, in a faith filled environment, that is grounded in Catholic Christian values, principles, and traditions which lead us all to the Kingdom of God.
The Holy Name Elementary School Philosophy is based on the Catholic Philosophy of Education: the whole child must be considered in developing a school and educational program. Our school exists to provide the services necessary which enable our parents and teachers to guide the children in becoming responsible Catholic Christians in a contemporary world.
It is the goal of the Holy Name Faculty and Staff to nurture each student to become a well rounded individual: one who is prepared to carry out the duties of a student, citizen, worker, and child of God. A concerted effort is made in partnership with parents/guardians to provide opportunities for each child to develop morally, intellectually, aesthetically, emotionally, and socially with faith as a core value in each of their lives.

Type: K-8
8328 Broadway Ave
Cleveland, OH 44105
(216) 341-0084

Principal: Lorenzo Jones
Open House Date: 1/29/2015