The Academy of St. Adalbert is committed to the message of Jesus by nurturing Catholic values, principles, and faith in our daily lives. From our highly academic program, numerous academic enrichment programs, and extracurricular activities, the Academy of St. Adalbert offers a host of ways for all kinds of learners to pursue their talents and contribute to the richness of student life.

In cooperation with the parents, we aspire to integrate religious truths and values with academic knowledge and skills so that students achieve their highest intellectual and moral potential. As members of the school community, we guide students to develop Catholic attitudes of gratitude and respect as well as an awareness of the privileges and responsibilities of American and global citizenship.

In 2009, we entered into a partnership with the STEPS Center for Excellence in Autism which specializes in the treatment and education of persons diagnosed on the autism spectrum. The STEPS program is designed to meet the needs of children who are ready to move into an inclusive school setting.

Type: PK-8
56 Adelbert St.
Berea, OH 44017
(440) 234-5529

Principal: Martha Jacobs
Open House Date: 1/25/2015